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Complete Beginner's Guide to 3D Printing

This 3-day workshop on 3d Printing aims to provide an A to Z overview of what it takes to source, edit and print your own creations
Introduction to 3D printing

Introduction presentation on different types of 3D printers and 3D printing. Explaining different types of 3D printer technology in several different industries such as architecture, model making, prop design, medical and space engineering. Explanation of the pros and cons of using a 3d printer in a large scale industry. Using 3D printing as a hobby.

Basic design software

Students will be introduced to multiple free online software such as Blender, Fusion 360 and Zbrush. A basic introduction will be held during the presentation and students will be explained on what to use the software for. Such as organic design, and geometrical design.

Final design amendments and 3D printing.

Explanation of the 3D design software that we use to build geometrical and organic models. Lessons will include a design of a simple model such as a placard or logo. Exportation of files from 3D software to the slicer software and finally the 3D printer. Students will be assisted throughout the whole process


Registrations are now open for our next intake starting on 31st August 2021. You can find a details schedule below. Sign up now by clicking on the registration button below. Price for the course is €75.
Session 1
31- 08 - 21

1730 - 2030

Session 2
07 - 09 - 21

1730 - 2030

Session 3
14 - 09 - 21

1730 - 2030