Afterschool Programmes

Afterschool Programmes 2022

Esports Programme

Based on the 3 pillars of education, competition and values, our after-school programmes are designed to harness a student’s passion for video games to impart a responsible, professional, athletic, and goal-oriented mindset.

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Content Creation Programme

Content creation is a digital marketing strategy that all companies and brands need to pay attention to if they want to communicate relevantly to their target market and differentiate from competition.

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Game Creation Programme

We merge the world of table-top gaming with it’s digital counterpart through digital game-design. we will take you through the process of conducting a table top role playing game and apply many of the facets found in it to the creation of a video game. from character creation and design to world building and level design, we take you through the creative and artistic motions of table-top rpgs and transfer that to the digital world of game design.

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