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This Autumn, Level Academy has evolved its training bootcamp into 3 dedicated programmes that target various age groups and esports disciplines. The 3 programmes are as follows: Valorant Camp (Aged 14+); League of Legends Camp (Aged 14+); and the Esports Academy Camp (Aged 9 - 13). By focusing on specific disciplines and areas we aim to prepare you for your next epic showdown! These 8-week camps will take you and your teammates through Level Academy’s elite training experience led by our talented coaches to raise your level of play. We have learned a great deal from our Summer bootcamp and our community about what makes a boot camp great and we’re excited to offer it all to you. Bring your team or come alone and we will assign you to a group of similarly ranked players!
Develop as a Pro

Our resources have been instrumental in developing the training programs used by the world elite. We have tailored our approach to maximise participant development, promoting physical exercise, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Develop as a Player

Learning to develop as a player is a lot about learning how to strategise your own development, understand your goals and your own opportunities. We provide our participants with the tools to work autonomously, socially and engaged.

Develop as a person

Mentoring is one of our strongest tools. We have well known esports profiles that create role models and drive positive values and actions. We work actively with diversity and inclusion and counteract sexism, racism and bullying.

What To Expect

  • You will prepare with your team to play in our seasonal tournaments against other local teams
  • Sessions will be managed by our coaches with a 1:10 coach/player ratio.
  • 1:1 and group coaching
  • Teamplay and tactics
  • VOD reviews
  • Specialized warmup to promote good posture and cognitive function
  • Access to our community Discord server and exclusive opportunities to learn from local and foreign semi and pro players.
  • Free team gaming hours
  • Community building activities
  • Open play sessions
  • Development seminars and educational content
  • End of camp performance report
  • Meet people from all over Malta who love gaming!