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The ins and outs of Cybersecurity: A course on keeping those trying to get in...out!

The rapid expansion of the internet and social media in everyday life is making privacy and security almost an impossibility and the proliferation of technology and our reliance on it in daily life increases the risk factor exponentially. Governments and the largest firms in the world struggle in the fight against malware and cyber attacks and both have armies of the best minds in the business trying to protect them. The general public is woefully ill-equipped in navigating the cyber world and desperately needs at least, basic training and skills. The seminars are designed to help the general public learn about the cyber security requirements that each of us have, but almost no one understands. The focal point is the interactive presentation of different cyber security aspects as perceived from different viewpoints and experiences. The sessions will target:

Basic cyber security 101 - Through facts and figures we tackle the basics of viruses, phishing tactics, malware, hacking, password management and more.


We move onto big data ask what data companies are collecting on you. Are smart devices spies? What information should you share? Find the answers and delve deeper.


Trolls, online predators and cyberbullies. What protection is available and how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and secure.



The project objective is primarily to help the public navigate the ever-increasing complexity of the cyber world. We envision an imminent exponential growth for cyber security protection and yet there are no dedicated education providers on this topic available to the general public or younger audiences.

Our goal is to educate the public about the various aspects of cyber security as applied in the real life.

By the end of the course, participants will:

• Learn more about the cyber world we all live in most of the day
• Learn about what tools exist and how to leverage them to protect themselves and their families
• Balance online and offline life
• Help their families understand cyber risks
• React quicker to signs of cyber bullying, online predators.

Registrations opening soon for 2021 courses. Check back soon!


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