Introduction to Streaming


From the other side of the broadcast, streaming as a career choice looks easy -

perception does not translate to reality - Streaming full time involves a multitude of different skills, time and effort.

There are multiple paths that one may take to start, grow, sustain and succeed at any craft, the best of which is having a guideline and a road map.

This course will give you access to 3+ years of streaming experience, the dos and don'ts and ups and downs of the streaming world and a clear path to start out your journey to success on the platform of your choosing.


What is streaming and who is it for? Who are the big players and who is your audience??

Choosing the Right Platform

Make the right choice when choosing the right platform for your content. From established channel
like Twitch, YouTube and Facebook to newer ones, we guide you through the process.


From the mobile phone in your pocket to a fully fledged broadcasting studio we guide you
through basic setups to monster rigs suitable for every streamer and every budget.


We make sense of the broadcasting software that you need and all the bits and bobs that you
want to make your stream the flashiest or catchiest out there.


Nothing like the real thing - In less than 2 hours we enable you to go live and broadcast to the
world - a hands on session that gives you the confidence you need to start building your