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The Esports Summer Bootcamp is the result of a collaboration between Level Academy, Malta’s first esports academy and Area Academy, a European leader and trend setter in esports athlete education and development. Based on the 3 pillars of Education, Competition and Values, this Boot Camp is designed to harness a student’s passion for video games to impart a responsible, professional, athletic, and goal-oriented mindset. In today’s new normal physical exclusion continues to increase and many initiatives fail to reach and activate the younger generation. We reach them with esports as a tool. You can find our Brochure, Facts & Fees sheets and Registration link below.
Develop as a Pro

Our resources have been instrumental in developing the training programs used by the world elite. We have tailored our approach to maximise participant development, promoting physical exercise, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

Develop as a Player

Learning to develop as a player is a lot about learning how to strategise your own development, understand your goals and your own opportunities. We provide our participants with the tools to work autonomously, socially and engaged.

Develop as a person

Mentoring is one of our strongest tools. We have well known esports profiles that create role models and drive positive values and actions. We work actively with diversity and inclusion and counteract sexism, racism and bullying.