Inside Out Summer Camp 2024
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Develop as a Pro

Our resources have been instrumental in developing the training programs used by the world elite. We have tailored our approach to maximize participant development, promoting physical exercise, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle

Develop as a Player

Learning to develop as a player is a lot about learning how to strategize your own development, understand your goals and your own opportunities. We provide our participants with the tools to work autonomously, socially and engaged

Develop as a Person

Mentoring is one of our strongest tools. We have well-known esports profiles that create role models and drive positive values and actions. We work actively to promote diversity and inclusion and counteract sexism, racism and bullying.


  • Education
  • Competition
  • Values

Through our esports training programmes we create the same positive structures for esports that exist for traditional sports, but also take advantage of the opportunities offered by esports and digital media. Our training sessions are based on materials designed by some of the world’s most influential esports athletes. They encourage young individuals to take responsibility of their own development and carry out conscious training to improve their performance in-game and also IRL (in real life).

In line with our initiative to deliver high quality educational programmes we provide our students with an environment within which they can put their skills to the test/from both an athletic and professional perspective. We achieve this through the organisation and operation of regular tournaments where participants compete in an authentic true to life esports experience.

We aim to create a platform where individuals can really come together to share experiences and develop as players and professionals in a safe and responsible environment. Responsible play is at the centre of our mission and we acknowledge the necessity of control and monitoring within the context of esports. We provide support and guidance to not only the players and their parents but also any other students or staff.

What We Offer & Our Courses


Variety of tournaments with prize pools or trophies on the line.


Check out our Courses, we currently have the Inside Out Programme, including Esports Athlete Training, Game Creation, and Outdoor Physical Activities

Private Events

Booked birthday parties on location




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