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Introduction to Video Content Development

This workshop on Video Content Development aims to provide an A to Z overview of what it takes to film, edit and release your own content. It also delves into how to expand your opportunities of employment and development within the eco-system of esports and Media both locally and abroad. We will look at the skill sets recommended for the industry as well as the challenges that content creators face in order to provide a high quality / low budget product to be able to promote themselves on social media and expand their brand without the need of outsourcing services.
Where do we begin?

In this section we will outline the basic concept of filming, the functions on cameras, how to use them and when to use these functions, as well as go over some examples of filming techniques to bring out mood and emotion in shots, distinguishing on what audience your final production is viewed by

That cinematic touch

In this section we will discuss and go through various methods of lighting, focusing mainly on household or cheap lights. We will show different techniques of lighting covering still and moving objects or people, and discussing basics, on light theory (emotion and suspense through lighting). After understanding how and why we use cameras and lights, we would now have some practicals with our students, where they can practice filming and lighting , so they can get first hand experience and learn how to tackle and adapt to common problems the industry will present.

Video without audio?

In session 3 we will take a look at the use of music and sfx in videos. Techniques such as mood enhancement , suspense and build up. Recording your own sounds and sound effects, where to get them from and a bit of an insight on copyright, and royalty free audio.

Registrations opening soon for 2021 courses. Check back soon!