Photography for kids

Photography for Kids

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of photography? Look no further! Our Photography Course for Kids is designed to spark imagination, nurture creativity, and empower young minds to capture captivating moments through the lens.

Course Highlights:

1.Explore the Magic of Photography: From the basics to advanced techniques, our course covers it all. Kids will learn about different camera types, composition, lighting, and more.


2.Hands-On Learning: Through practical activities and engaging projects, kids will get hands-on experience with cameras, both DSLRs and smartphones, honing their skills as they capture the world around them.


3.Unlock Your Creativity: Our course encourages children to think outside the box and experiment with various angles, perspectives, and compositions. Unleash their artistic potential and watch their imagination soar!


4.Expert Guidance: Our experienced instructors are passionate about photography and skilled in working with kids. They provide personalized attention, guiding each child to develop their unique style and technique.


5.Fun and Interactive: We believe learning should be enjoyable! Our course incorporates games, group activities, and photo challenges to keep kids engaged and excited throughout their photography journey.


6.Digital Editing Skills: Kids will also get an introduction to photo editing, discovering the power of post-processing tools to enhance their images and bring their artistic visions to life.


7.Showcase and Share: At the end of the course, we celebrate the kids’ achievements by organizing an exhibition or creating an online gallery where they can proudly display their best shots. It’s an opportunity to inspire others with their talent.


8.Lifelong Passion: Our goal is to ignite a lifelong love for photography. By instilling a solid foundation of knowledge and fostering their creativity, we aim to empower kids to continue exploring and expressing themselves through photography.


Participants will attend a series of 8 x 1.5-hour sessions that will focus on the following areas:

● Introduction to Photography
● Understanding Light
● Exploring Camera Settings
● Capturing Motion and Freeze Frames
● The Power of Perspective
● Introduction to Photo Editing
● Exploring Different Genres
● Showcasing and Sharing Photos

Start Date: 6th September 2023
End Date: 30th September 2023

Session Schedule:
Wednesday 16:30-18:00
Saturday 10:30-12:00

Session Duration: 1.5 hours each
Ages: 10+
Price: €150