Local Legends “Thanos Kermit” Win First League Of Legends LAN Of The GamingMalta Autumn Series

The first League of Legends tournament hosted by Level Academy, with their new seasonal programme, ‘The Gaming Malta Autumn Series’ kicked off with a bang on the 29th of October.

League of Legends veterans “Thanos Kermit”, composed of Samuel ‘Brikkun’ Scicluna and Paul ‘Mehanix’ Galea took home the top prize of €100 by the end of the night.

“Thanos Kermit” managed to sustain an impressive winning streak of 4 straight rounds. It was only in the final when Rhea ‘DisJinx’ White and Daniel ‘Danikoo’ Buhagiar from “TheNether” managed to take one round off their opposing finalist. This however was not enough with “Thanos Kermit” taking the third round and giving them the title of champion.

The event was hosted on Level Academy’s Twitch channel by the director and founder Kevin Spiteri alongside Janssen, resident league of legends coach at Level Academy with a total of 8 teams of 2 competing in the tournament. You can check out the replay of the tournament here

You can see the final bracket below.

For more information on how to take part in the GamingMalta Autumn Series, you can head over to Level Academy’s Websitefacebook page or discord and get in touch with one of the admins.

The GamingMalta Autumn Series is made possible thanks to the support and collaboration of GamingMalta