Game Creation

Game Creation

Our course combines traditional tabletop gaming with digital game design using tools like Unity and Roblox. You’ll learn how to create and run a tabletop role-playing game, and apply those skills to the development of video games. From character and world building to level design, we’ll guide you through the creative process of tabletop RPGs and show you how to translate those skills to the digital realm of game design. By the end of the course, you’ll have the skills to create your own games using Unity and Roblox.

This session will enable participants to:

  • Understand what ‘genre’ means.

  • Look at things through different perspectives (Hero VS Villain’s perspective.)

  • Become familiar with designing and printing their own character

  • Become familiar with the elements which make up a good story.

  • Become familiar with designing their own map.

  • Analyse a story.

  • Write their own story.

  • Implement their story in a world.

  • Combine various elements to create a cohesive world.

  • Cater for a specific audience.

  • Become familiar with transforming a story/world into an interactive campaign for a game.

  • Become familiar with Table-top Role-playing games.

  • Take a leading role as the narrator of a Table-top Role-playing campaign.

  • Act as the referee of the game.

  • Practise their creativity, spontaneously.

  • Practice basic coding concepts.

  • Create user friendly interfaces.

  • Research game concepts.

  • Design Characters.

  • Design.

  • Create games using Unity.

  • Create games using Roblox Studio.


Participants will attend a series of 8 x 2-hour sessions that will focus on the following areas:

● Genres
● Character Creation
● World Building
● Level Design
● Task Design
● Story writing and telling
● Campaign Design
● Hands-on TTRPG Sessions
● Play testing

Start Date: 12th October 2023
End Date: 2nd December 2023
Session Schedule: Thursdays 1630PM - 1830PM
Age: 10 - 15
Price: €250