Game Creation

Game Creation

We merge the world of Table-top gaming with it’s digital counterpart through Digital Game-design. We will take you through the process of conducting a table top Role playing game and apply many of the facets found in it to the creation of a video game. From Character creation and design to World building and Level Design, we take you through the creative and artistic motions of table-top RPGs and transfer that to the digital world of game design.

This session will enable participants to:

  • Understand what ‘genre’ means.

  • Look at things through different perspectives (Hero VS Villain’s perspective.)

  • Become familiar with designing and printing their own character

  • Become familiar with the elements which make up a good story.

  • Analyse a story.

  • Write their own story.

  • Cater for a specific audience.

  • Become familiar with transforming a story/world into an interactive campaign for a game.

  • Become familiar with Table-top Role-playing games.

  • Take a leading role as the narrator of a Table-top Role-playing campaign.

  • Act as the referee of the game.

  • Practise their creativity, spontaneously.

  • Practice basic coding concepts

  • Create user friendly interfaces 

  • Research game concepts 

  • Design Characters

  • Design 


Participants will attend a series of 8 x 2-hour sessions that will focus on the following areas:

● Genres
● Character Creation
● World Building
● Level Design
● Task Design
● Story writing and telling
● Campaign Design
● Hands-on TTRPG Sessions
● Play testing

Start Date: 20th October 2022
End Date: 8th December 2022
Session Schedule: Thursdays 1600PM - 1800PM
Age: 10 - 16
Price: €200