Content Creation

Content Creation

Content creation is a Digital Marketing strategy that all companies and brands need to pay attention to if they want to communicate relevantly to their target market and differentiate from competition.

We will cover the fundamentals of Video Production, Audio Production, Streaming and 3D Printing

Upon completing these workshops you will have a clearer idea of these career paths:

  • Streamer

  • Video Editor

  • Sound Editor

  • 3D Printing

  • Digital/Online Content Creator

  • Social Media Content Creator

  • Visual Content Creator

  • Branded Content Creator

  • Community creator

  • Influencer

  • Camera Operator

Video Production - Overview

Good Video Content is the Peak of Creativity. Fundamentals of video, the technical process of producing video content.

The Three Processes

Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production, making sure you understand all the principles and processes to produce videos fluently.


Making sure you have the right requirements to start editing and recording, without worrying about frequent crashing or unable to view playback, we make sure you get the right device to work on.

Picking the Right Software

Make the right choice when choosing the software for you. From established applications like Premiere Pro and Filmora to others such as Davinci Resolve or Shotcut, we guide you through the process.


We make sure you learn the fundamental tips and tricks to create your video content.

Audio Production - Overview

Why is Audio production important? Learning all the ways to make audio sound crisp.

Having the right equipment

Making sure you have good microphones and speakers/headphones makes sure you are getting the best quality for you to start producing audio at home.

Sound Editing

We will help you make sure that your audio sounds perfect, with sound production you will learn to manipulate and edit audio to suit your preferred style.

Learning the waves

Knowing what everything does can be overwhelming, we will guide you on different software to understand the meaning and use of frequencies and decibels in audio production.

Creating Sounds

Sometimes online sounds aren't enough to satisfy our creative minds, that's why we will teach you how to create your own Foley, learning types of noises that imitate other sounds is the key to finding the perfect sound.

Streaming - Overview

What is streaming and who is it for? Who are the big players and who is your audience??

Choosing the Right Platform

Make the right choice when choosing the right platform for your content. From an established channel like Twitch, YouTube and Facebook to newer ones, we guide you through the process.


From the mobile phone in your pocket to a fully fledged broadcasting studio we guide you through basic setups to monster rigs suitable for every streamer and every budget.


We make sense of the broadcasting software that you need and all the bits and bobs that you want to make your stream the flashiest or catchiest out there.


Nothing like the real thing - In less than 2 hours we enable you to go live and broadcast to the world - a hands on session that gives you the confidence you need to start building your community

3D Printing - Overview

Creating models from visual to real life, why is it important?

Online Resources

The online world is full of ready to print models. We will guide you how to download, edit and resize the models to your preference.


There is no bigger creative experience than sketching, designing and printing your own custom models from scratch, we will teach you the fundamentals of editing and printing so you can now finally have your personal creation.

Start Date: 10th October 2023
End Date: 28th November 2023
Session Schedule: Tuesdays 1830PM - 2030PM
Age: 10-16
Price: €250