Online Cyber Security


The rapid expansion of the internet and social media in everyday life is making privacy and security almost an impossibility and the proliferation of technology and our reliance on it in daily life increases the risk factor exponentially.

Governments and the largest firms in the world struggle in the fight against malware and cyber attacks and both have armies of the best minds in the business trying to protect them. The general public is woefully ill-equipped in navigating the cyber world and desperately needs at least basic training and skills.

Studies show that the two age groups most at risk are the young and elderly people. Cyber security is often ignored or thought of only as an after-fact. Primarily perceived as a distant or unlikely scenario, cyber security incidents too often lead to blackmail, financial losses through direct business or penalties, reputational damage or legal issues.

In most cases analysed, cyber security risk is not factored at all and often, basic principles would go a long way in protecting the breached party. We believe in the old adage that everyone has security requirements and that awareness can lead to much better protection and basic understanding towards managing information in a life dependent on Information Technology.

We believe that these courses will usher in a new state of understanding of cyber risk and help instil a security first culture. Awareness of possible attack vectors as well as the visualisation of risk and ill effects will help all age demographics. The young will learn early on to think about safety and security, protecting themselves and eventually thinking of new avenues to explore. Older generations would be better equipped to approach the unknown world of cyber presence and be cognisant towards hidden effects of cyber stalkers and other dangers.

Studies show that the most common form of breach occurs from avoidable user errors or missteps. Early exposure to cybercrime, combined with training on how to inform oneself, sniff out potentially malicious scams and leverage tools for self-defence will also promote a better security mindset for future business and society in general.

The project objective is primarily to help the public navigate the ever-increasing complexity of the cyber world. We envision an imminent exponential growth for cyber security protection and yet there are no dedicated education providers on this topic available to the general public or younger audiences.

Our goal is to educate the public about the various aspects of cyber security as applied in the real life, with potential expansion into:

Direct and related career paths

On-line safety

Psychological issues

Educational value

Risks and Risk Appetites

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

Direct and related career paths

Have a better understanding of basic cyber security

Learn how to behave online

Learn how to protect themselves and their data

Appreciate the impact of their actions online

Appreciate the value of privacy and data

Learn how to spot potential trouble, trolls

Have fun and inform themselves!

Learn about what tools exist and how to leverage them to protect their families

Balance online and offline life

Help their families understand cyber risks

React quicker to signs of cyber bullying, online predators


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